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DeltaTech Electronics is a Polish manufacturer and expert in the automotive industry with over 25 years of experience, setting trends in innovative automotive diagnostics. The core of our work is to listen to the needs of customers and follow the current problems of car repair shops. The result is an offer perfectly tailored to the expectations of customers. The entire life cycle of the products, from the design of solutions to production, quality control and after-sales service, takes place within the company. This process is documented by numerous industry awards. Our pride is fast technical support, the highest Polish quality and hundreds of satisfied customers. The company cooperates with important dealers in the automotive industry.

Mission: The company’s motto is “Innovation in every workshop”. That is why we support mechanics in their development by educating and training them and overcoming their barriers when working with modern automotive diagnostic equipment. In the automotive industry, we create awareness of the need to improve skills in the field of advanced workshop diagnostics. We develop devices that create a new workshop reality and give mechanics a sense of security, the possibility of professional development, independence and increased profits. We design our equipment based on the latest global trends. Employer branding – we focus on working in a culture of innovation and development. The DeltaTech Electronics team is our most valuable asset. That’s why we invest in freedom of action, the ability to take on new challenges, employee development and a good working atmosphere. On this basis, we build an asset consisting of long-term, trusting relationships with our customers and business partners.

Vision: We gain a competitive advantage by combining new trends with intuitiveness in our equipment, as well as a broad educational offer and technical support, which has earned us trust in the automotive industry. Our goal is to evolve and become the leader in innovative automotive diagnostics on the European market. We want our products to be recognizable and present in every European workshop.

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