Become a distributor of DTE equipment

As DeltaTech Electronics, a recognized leader in automotive innovation, we invite you to join us in building business partnerships and joint distribution channels. Our values inspire us to create devices that create a new workshop reality, giving mechanics a sense of security, the opportunity for professional development and increasing productivity and profits. The Company’s priority is also to provide its customers with safe diagnostics, so we focus on innovation and the highest quality.

In its operations, the Company focuses on sustainability and climate issues – we operate in the “Repair” industry. We support the concept of “Green Alternatives, and our motto is: The FOUR R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle:
Reduce – we extend the life cycle of products, thanks to diagnostics, components are replaced consciously and not by ” trial and error” method.
Reuse: we create opportunities to reuse working parts
Repair: our diagnostic equipment supports the repair process
Recycle: we provide equipment to remanufacture components

DTE’s strengths are the direct relationship we build with the customer, which our competitors (large corporations) do not have, and the speed of response to the needs of cooperating entities. We give you the opportunity to quickly support with the operation of equipment, their repair. We also guarantee after-sales care.

We offer flexible and transparent terms of cooperation, supporting our partners at every stage of work on joint projects. We work with many distributors in Poland and around the world.

If you would like to become our partner or distributor, please contact us: deltatech@dte.com.pl

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