Calibration of turbocharger actuators – DTE update guide


Calibration of turbocharger actuators – DTE update guide

In recent years, in response to numerous inquiries and suggestions, we have significantly expanded the list of supported turbine controllers. We have added more than 300 additional items for performing diagnosis of turbocharger controllers. In addition, the calibration capabilities of turbocharger actuators have been expanded to include another group of controllers, covering various Siemens / VDO / Continental variants. Hella controllers of the 6NW 010 099 family have also gained programming capabilities.

The importance of turbocharger remanufacturing

Regeneration of turbochargers brings many benefits. This process is much cheaper than buying a new turbocharger, which saves a lot of money. In addition, we are extending the product life cycle and reducing waste. Specialized services can successfully bring the turbocharger to full working order. First, replacements of parts that have worn out are carried out, clearances are checked, accumulated carbon deposits are removed. It is important to use quality parts and careful balancing and adjustment after repair.

Today, car manufacturers use turbochargers in almost every model. Today’s turbines are controlled by electronic valves and adjustable variable geometry transformers (VNTs) . The solution is to position the blades on the side of the exhaust inlet in such a way as to achieve optimum performance over a wide range of speeds. Modern vehicles are equipped with turbines controlled by the ECU engine controller with the help of special actuators.

DTE equipment for operating turbocharger controllers

The company currently offers three devices dedicated to testing or calibrating turbocharger controllers:

  • VNTT-PRO – A well-known and respected tester of actuators of turbochargers with variable geometry.
  • TurboProg – device for programming and calibration of turbo controllers.
  • TP-TACT – a comprehensive solution combining the functionality of the above, used in turbocharger remanufacturing companies.
The TP-TACT tester is an essential device in the repair process to diagnose a turbocharger malfunction.

Tester upgrades in 2023/2024

The upgrade process is based on the use of dedicated software, which can be downloaded here. Detailed instructions in video form are available on DTE’s YouTube channel. If you have any difficulties or concerns about the update, please feel free to contact us.

Below we summarize the DTE product updates that have taken place in recent years. Namely, for each of the updates, we will state what groups of drivers have been added and what cables they require to support them.

February 2023 update

TP-TACT 1.02, VNTT-PRO 4.08, TurboProg 1.05 versions.

Added cables: none.

The purpose of this update was to fix software bugs affecting previous versions. In response to problems reported by customers, we have also added the ability to select the version of software to be installed on the device.

April 2023 update

Versions TP-TACT 1.03, VNTT-PRO 4.09, TurboProg 1.06

Added cables: none.

The first update expanded driver testing capabilities to include new Hella, Mahle, Continental and Magneti Marelli drivers. The devices that support programming (TurboProg and TP-TACT) have gained the ability to calibrate Siemens / VDO / Continental turbocharger actuators for BMW or Mercedes vehicles, as well as BorgWarner, Mando and Kamtec components.

Fault diagnosis: controller 6NW934803-02. Visible circuits sauced in the subassembly. The turbocharger failure was due to a defect in the turbine controller.
Internal design of the Hella 6NW934803-02 controller.

June 2023 update

TP-TACT 1.04, VNTT-PRO 4.10 versions

Cables added: UP 23.1 upgrade kit.

Other changes included the contents of the kit – we introduced 3 new cables connecting the tester and the controller under test, thus expanding support for Hella, Bosch, Mitsubishi, Magneti Marelli, Kamtec, Continental components, and 2 cables dedicated to testing the position sensors found in the turbocharger of the 1.6 HDI and Opel 1.6 engines.

Updated January 2024

Versions TP-TACT 1.05, VNTT-PRO 4.11

Cables added: UP 24.1 upgrade kit.

The tester supports controllers such as Hella 6NW010430-16 used in the B20DTH 2.0 CDTI engine.
The tester supports the popular Hella 6NW010430-16 controllers used in the B20DTH Ope 2.0 CDTI engine.

The second change within the contents of the kit expanded it to include 4 cables allowing the testing of turbocharger actuators and 2 dedicated to pressure sensors. As a result, we have expanded support for Hella, Magneti Marelli, Sonceboz, Bosch and Continental controllers. We have added two sensor test cables: dedicated to 2.0 HDI engines and for sensors with SENT output. Without a doubt, the addition of the SENT protocol in terms of supported controllers and sensors is a key new feature within this update.

June 2024 update

Versions TP-TACT 1.06, VNTT-PRO 4.12, TurboProg 1.07

Cables added: UP 24.2 upgrade kit(for TP-TACT / for VNTT) and cable for TurboProg.

The latest update once again brought additional cables to support turbocharger actuators: Mitsubishi, Mahle, Magneti Marelli or Faist. In addition, the programming capabilities (TP-TACT and TurboProg) lived up to the Hella controllers of the 6NW 010 099-xx family, which require a special cable just for this purpose.

How do we add support for a new driver?

In order for us to add a specific model of turbine controller to the list of supported by the devices we manufacture, it is necessary to perform a series of measurements. To do this, we need a functioning controller along with a properly adjusted turbocharger.

  1. First, it is necessary to determine the layout of the connections, using available documentation and tools such as the QST-5 tester. In this case, we successfully use it to determine the layout of the turbocharger controller leads.QST-5 tester used to test the turbocharger sensor. It replaces the ECU by performing the turbo sensor test.
  2. The next step is to take a series of measurements of the operating range of a given model of an efficient and correctly set turbocharger, which will allow users to evaluate the operating range in the future. We also set a limit on the current that the controller’s motor draws, which is one of the criteria for detecting damage.
  1. The next step is to identify and complete the appropriate controller connector and prepare production documentation, as well as program the devices that verify the correct operation of the cable at the production stage.
  2. The final step is to complete the tester’s program with additional items along with an established range of parameters, and to plan the publication of new software and communications to customers.

The future of controller programming and diagnostics

The future of turbocharger actuator calibration is linked to the further development of diagnostic technologies. At the same time, as turbocharger controllers become more sophisticated, the need for advanced tools to test and calibrate them grows. Therefore, we are constantly improving our products and developing new ones that are even more functional and reliable.

As a manufacturer of actuator testing and programming equipment, we are open to expanding the capabilities of our equipment to support the widest possible range of repairs and turbochargers for end customers. So if you have a model of turbocharger controller that is not currently supported provide us with such information by contacting us by email at pomoc@dte.com.pl. Data such as the turbine number and photos of the controller from several sides with special attention to the connector are welcome. By making your turbine available to us for testing, you can count on priority problem solving and a pleasant surprise. We look forward to working with you!


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