DTE gets new POWER

Dear Customers, Partners and Supporters, November brought a big change to our company. We would like to inform you that DTE Power Ltd. has officially acquired DeltaTech Electronics. This landmark transaction opens a new chapter for both the DTE team and you. We are excited about the prospect of growth and new opportunities. At the same time, these are moments full of emotion, as we bid farewell to the previous owners along with their boss – Mrs. Joanna Bogusz.

We combined our farewell with the integration of the “old” team with the new members who are coming on board the DTE. After the official part, we moved from the offices to our friendly vineyard Sztukówka, which is run by Leszek and Basia and where we often visit with our company guests for tastings.

In this unique place we could chat, reminisce and get emotional. The transition from the “old to the new” took place in a homely atmosphere, with delicious treats and top-notch wine from Sztukówka.

You’re probably curious what our plans are? Well, DTE will continue to focus on improving and expanding its offerings for auto repair shops. It will come as a surprise to you to learn that we are also going to expand our business in the power supply industry, thus expanding the company’s portfolio. We will be betting on Supporting mechanics through training and education. DTE’s priority is the parallel development of strategic partnerships. Cheer us on in this “new deal,” and for further news, reach out to our social media 😊

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