TURBO-PROG supports two types of turbo actuators:

  • Hella actuators with the following markings:712120, 730314, 781751, 763797
  • Siemens actuators in a metal-plastic housing used in turbochargers made for VW/Audi with 2.7TDI and 3.0TDI engines.

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Programmer application:

– Hella actuators with the following markings: 12120, 730314, 781751, 763797

For Hella actuators TurboProg allows the user to:

  • read and save operating parameters
  • copy
  • change range of movement

– actuators SIEMENS VDO used in turbochargers for cars VW/Audi group

– actuators SIEMENS VDO used in turbochargers for BMW.

– actuators SIEMENS VDO used in turbochargers for Mercedes.

– actuators MANDO.

– actuators KAMTEC.


Link for download the update software: https://dte.com.pl/download/software/updater/

Kit content:

  • TurboProg device,
  • DC power supply,
  • User Manual – link for download
  • set of cables to support all the actuators listed above
  • USB cable and Updater Tool
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What is the TurboProg programmer for?

The TurboProg programmer is designed to program the operating range of electronic turbocharger actuators.


What turbocharger drivers does the TurboProg programmer support?

The programmer supports drivers from Hella and Siemens used in cars in the years 2003-2012. Detailed information on what types of drivers are supported can be found at:



What is the current version of the programmer?

The current version of the programmer is: v1.04 (created on 16/11/2015).


Does the programmer have original connectors for the drivers?

The programmer has original connectors for controllers that are on the list of supported ones.


How many dedicated cables are in the set?

The set includes 2 cables: for the Hella controller and the Siemens/VDO controller.


What power does the programmer require?

The tester / programmer accepts supply voltages in the range of 12 … 15V. The voltage source should have a current efficiency of at least 4A. There is a stabilized power supply intended for the device in the kit.


Is it possible to update on-line?

Yes. All you need to do is connect the programmer to the USB connector of any PC or laptop with Internet access and run the update program. Details on how to update are included in the device manual.