The EDIA-PRO analyzer connected to a computer equipped with a USB port allows recording the current variations of four injectors and the signal from the high-pressure sensor on the rail.

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Responding to the expectations of our customers, we have developed a system for automatically determining the parameters of the injection system based on measured waveforms. This makes diagnosis simpler and faster. With the EDIA PRO, you will quickly evaluate the compression pressure and starting system, as well as the mode of measuring the control valve actuation, which greatly expands the diagnostic capabilities.

EDIA-PRO features:
– Registration of injector mileage and pressure
– Automatic analysis of injection parameters
– Rapid electric measurement of compression pressure
– Quick diagnostics of the battery, starter and alternator
– DRV and SCV/IMV valve control measurements

The EDIA-PRO analyzer connected to a computer equipped with a USB port allows recording the current variations of four injectors and the signal from the high-pressure sensor on the rail.

Thanks to innovative measuring probes, it is possible to trace the course of the injection signal with minimal invasiveness, without disassembling the injectors or damaging the insulation of the wires. In this way, we do not interfere with the injection system under test, which is a key condition for correct diagnostics.

The acquired waveforms can be used to accurately assess and detect malfunctions in the injectors, high-pressure sensor and pump, and other components of the common rail system.

Unlike traditional oscilloscopes, which are difficult to use in workshop practice, the EDIA-PRO offers simple and user-friendly operation, without the need for complicated setup. The stored results can be viewed and compared with each other, providing additional possibilities.

EDIA-PRO makes it possible to determine the exact injection signal times for four cylinders at the same time and to observe precisely the changes in tank pressure caused by the injectors.

An additional mode of measuring DRV and SCV/IMV valve actuation allows the pressure value and control signals of both valves to be recorded simultaneously. Thanks to the automatic interpretation of the PWM signal, the user receives a ready-made waveform of pressure and control signals expressed in %.


EDIA-PRO measurements

EDIA-PRO measurements

EDIA-PRO measurements

Using the EDIA system, we can obtain information on:

– the electrical part of the injection system

– hydraulic part of the injection system

– the general technical condition of the engine


Technical parameters:

Supply voltage 5V DC (powered from USB, no power adapter required)
Working conditions 0-50°C
Range, pressure signal 0..5V
Accuracy of voltage measurement 1%

Kit contents:

– EDIA-PRO device

– measuring cable with injector probes and pressure signal connector

– measuring cable with terminals for the battery

– measuring cable for testing DRV and SCV/IMV control valves

– Adapter for Bosch sensor – type 1

– Adapter for Bosch sensor – type 2

– adapter for Denso sensor

– adapter for Denso sensor – 6 pins

– Delphi sensor adapter

– universal adapter with narrow pins

– universal adapter with wide pins

– USB cable

– instruction manual

– CD with software


Link do pobrania aktualizacji EDIA-PRO do wersji 1.30:

Zmiany w wersji 1.30:
- Skalowanie okien przebiegów do wysokiej rozdzielczości;
- Możliwość ustawienia grubości linii przebiegu;
- Opcja pominięcia pomiaru w oknie ustawień analizy czasowej.

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I lost my software CD. How can I get the software?

The software for the device can be downloaded after prior registration and logging in to our website:


How to install EDIA-PRO on Windows 10/11?

We install the software as usual using the installer. When installing the driver, follow the necessary steps described in detail in the Manual. The manual with the current software and driver can be be obtained after prior registration and logging in to our website:


Where can I sign up for training on working with the device?

To obtain up-to-date information on the available training offer, please contact us by e-mail


How to test an engine with more than 4 cylinders?

When testing a vehicle with more than 4 cylinders, the measurement may be divided into stages. When dividing the measurement, it is always good to record the signal of four consecutive cylinders. So, for example, when diagnosing a V6 engine with the firing order 1-6-3-5-2-4, it is good to perform measurements on cylinders 1,6,3,5 and

3,5,2,4. Please note that some parameters of the automatic analysis (‘Cycle time deviation’) will not be reliable – this has to be assessed manually.


Does EDIA-PRO allow testing of unit injectors?

The device is suitable for testing Common Rail systems. Due to the difference in the operation and shape of the waveforms, the automatic operating modes will not be useful, but you can read the injection signal times by manually browsing the waveforms. In addition, it is possible to directly observe and measure the BIP time of the unit injector during operation.


After performing the measurement, I get a message about detecting noise from the AC grid.

For protection against short circuits and incorrect connection within the ground, the sensor signal input is realized as a differential input. This causes sensitivity to excessive common voltages  supplied to the input. Some laptop power adapters are the most common cause (not all models are affected). In case of problems, the solution is to disconnect the power supply for the duration of the measurement. Another reason may be connecting the installation to other mains-powered devices, such as a battery charger or a starting device.