Controller programming cable compatible with devices:</p></p>


  • TP-TACT as of software version 1.06
  • TURBO-PROG as of software version 1.07

You can download the update to your device by clicking

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HE08 cable allows programming of HELLA 6NW010099-xx controllers
*where xx is the number of the adjuster from the 6NW 010 099 family.

Diagnosis and testing of controllers is done using HE01 and HE03 cables.


Programming of HELLA 6NW 010099-xx controllers (adjuster families) was introduced in the update: UP24.2

To take advantage of the functionality remember to upgrade your programmer to Turbo-prog v1.07 /TP-TACT v1.06

Check out our other products from the latest update by typing UP24.2 in the search box

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