At present, almost all petrol-powered cars are equipped with the fuel injection system. One of the most important components of the injection system are injectors. The injection system allows accurate injection timing and controlling the amount. In order to perform this task properly, the injectors must be operational.

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Currently, almost all cars with gasoline engines are equipped with a fuel injection system. Some of the most important components of the injection system are the injectors. Their task is to precisely dose the amount of fuel at a precise time. In order to perform this task properly, the injectors must be in working order. Injectors mainly succumb to three types of damage:

– The first type involves a malfunction in the solenoid of the injector solenoid – most often it is a break in the continuity of the circuit. We can easily diagnose this type of damage, for example, with a multimeter by measuring the resistance of the injector coil.

– The second type of defect is leakage.

– While the third type is mechanical damage. They are the cause of an increase in the frictional resistance of the injector needle, and thus improper fuel dosage. The increased frictional resistance of the needle causes interference with the opening and closing of the injector’s needle valve, or even complete blockage. All this is the cause of improper engine operation. Most of the cars coming to repair shops are older cars, and in these cars we can often see malfunctioning injectors. Properly diagnosing the damage is relatively difficult without a special instrument. The TW-2 microprocessor-based injector tester can be used to diagnose such defects. This tester allows you to run the injector in different ranges of its operation and check the correctness of operation.

The injector simulation parameters can be adjusted within the following ranges:

– RPM simulation – adjustment in the range from 1000 rpm to 10000 rpm, changing every 1000 rpm (assuming one injection per crankshaft revolution – different injection systems are different, respectively),

– Simulation of the filling factor (injection time) – adjustable from 10% to 30%, changing in 10% increments.

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