Regeneration of turbochargers in practice


Regeneration of turbochargers in practice

Today, the turbocharger has become a common part of powertrains, allowing it to accomplish several important purposes. The addition of a turbine allowed downsizing, i.e. making more power with the same displacement. At the same time, improving the engine’s torque characteristics. An engine equipped with a turbocharger has higher efficiency and better emissions performance, making it more environmentally friendly.

Not just Diesel

The turbo used to be found mainly in diesel engines, where the benefits of a turbine are greatest. Today, turbochargers have also become common in gasoline units, and the market for turbochargers for passenger cars has grown tremendously. Turbochargers can be found in commercial vehicles and trucks. The revolution has not spared construction and agricultural machinery.

Expensive component

The ordinary car owner is usually not interested in the turbine until it refuses to serve. Car manufacturers usually offer the turbine as a component to be replaced in its entirety. If it turns out that you need to buy a new turbocharger, it turns out that the price goes up to several thousand zlotys. Not surprisingly, the turbocharger remanufacturing market has grown rapidly. With remanufacturing, repairing a vehicle at a good price becomes possible.

What does a turbocharger remanufacture look like?

Turbine reconditioning performed by a specialized service is done in several steps. First, the used turbocharger is subjected to an initial visual inspection and then disassembled. At this stage, a professional examination of all component parts is necessary. It is necessary to accurately measure the dimensions of parts, clearances, and carefully evaluate for even the smallest cracks or other defects.

The next stage of turbine reconditioning is the cleaning of components using professional tools (ultrasonic, shot blasting or glazing). Non-reusable parts are replaced with new ones. Some components such as seals, rings or bearings are always replaced.

The assembly stage requires great care and accuracy. The rotating components of the turbine are overhung, first separately and then in bearing. The turbine must be tight. Finally, it is necessary to calibrate the variable geometry or bleed valve.

Regeneration of turbocharger with variable geometry

The use of variable geometry (VNT – Variable Nozzle Turbine, VTG – Variable Geometry Turbocharger) has improved turbocharging characteristics. However, remanufacturing or repairing a turbocharger requires additional tools.

To adjust the turbines, a stand is often used, the so-called. flow bench, allowing to set and verify the operation of variable geometry under simulated operating conditions.

Without a tester, not a move

Regeneration of turbines with electronic variable geometry controllers would not be possible if it were not for electronic testers that enable independent variable geometry control. Such a device is the TP-TACT manufactured by DTE. Equipped with a set of cables for various controller models, the device allows you to conveniently test both the controller module itself and complete with a turbine. The tester also allows testing of turbine controllers with exhaust gas venting.

Tester & Programator TP-TACT z intuicyjnym interfejsem dla mechaników

Multiple applications

TP-TACT offers the ability to independently check variable geometry position sensors or the exhaust gas vent flap. You can also check the engine from the controller. It will also prove useful for air-controlled turbochargers, allowing you to check the control solenoid valves.

Controller programming

In addition to test functions, TP-TACT allows programming the operating range of compatible turbines. This not only constitutes a necessary step in the regeneration of the turbocharger, but also allows convenient replacement of the defective controller if another turbo repair is not necessary. Programming allows you to transfer the settings to the controller allowing it to work in another engine/model of car.

If the user is only looking for driver programming functions, he can use the Turbo Prog tester (e.g., if he uses the VNTT-PRO tester that allows only driver testing). The current range of testers can be found on the DTE website.

How to choose a turbocharger remanufacturing offer?

What should be of interest to both repair shops and the informed car user is the choice of turbocharger remanufacturing offerings. There is no easy answer to this question, but it is worth remembering that experience is key here, and price cannot be the only criterion. Too low a price often augurs incurring additional costs in the future.

A professional, well-established service center should attach an appropriate warranty to the remanufactured turbine (preferably a 24-month warranty with no mileage limit). Large remanufacturing companies sometimes also offer flexible financing, such as installment purchases.

Warranty matters

Providing a warranty for a long period of time should result from the performance of the remanufacturing service using modern machinery, by top-class specialists. In practice, only a few service centers are able to provide quality at the level of original OEM parts. The key is to perform the repair professionally, using parts of the right quality.

Turbocharger components spinning more than 200,000 rpm. do not allow for mistakes. Without careful balancing and expertise in carrying out the entire service, durability cannot be assured. If equipment such as a turbocharger is to last for many years, then only serviced properly.


Author: Product Engineer Piotr Libuszowski


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