Training for the T.A. School Complex. Aleksander Fredro in Nienadowa

We were recently visited by a group of 20 young automotive diagnostic enthusiasts from the The school complex named after him. ALEXANDER FREDRY IN NIENADOWA, which was chaired by Mr. Krzysztof Kiełbasa – the school’s principal – together with Mr. Łukasz Wrotny, also teaching at the Nienadow School Complex. Representatives of the school appealed to us because they use our diagnostic equipment during their lessons, which greatly enhances their learning and practical approach to automotive workshops. They wanted to “face” in practice the testing of various test methods using our equipment and simulators reflecting the natural environment of the workshop.

For our guests we organized a training course on the topic: “Construction and diagnostics of injectors”, which was conducted by our engineer Piotr Libuszowski. During the training, students were able to benefit from the knowledge of our engineers and conduct practical exercises using DeltaTech Electronics diagnostic testers.

The “field” work was very much enjoyed by the young fans of our offerings, and we were pleased to see how our engineering thinking can support the education sector in Poland and help them gain the key competencies needed to work in the automotive market in our country.

Mr. Christopher, summarizing the key features of our products, from his perspective, mentioned, among other things: their high quality, favorable prices, easy operation and full technical support for the equipment purchased. For the teaching staff, it is also not insignificant that DeltaTech Electronics is a Polish manufacturer, making the equipment optimal for the needs of the Polish user, and servicing the products is “within reach.”

The entire training was conducted in an enthusiastic atmosphere and culminated with a certificate ceremony for each trainee. Training packages of training materials and gadgets were also a bonus 😉

While working together and “munching sticks,” we settled the details of further cooperation during the upcoming Job Fair in February. We would like to thank our guests for the pleasant and hard-working time we spent together, as well as the guidance to further develop our offerings to meet the needs of the education sector!

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